Floss Granting Pleasure AX AXJ MAD

Spritz is a very talented agility dog who is competing at the Open and Advanced level. He is healthy and has a great temperament. His brothers and sisters have had some amazing results on the agility field including one World Champion. You can read about Spritz and his family on this page here. Spritz is very intelligent and picks up on behaviors very quick. He really uses his head to figure out what you want. Spritz is a very powerful runner and gets maximum yards out of each stride. He is very responsive which leads to nice tight turns. Spritz's biddable attitude and great athleticism along with his drive to work leads to a spectacular performance dog. Spritz has 26 sisters and brother. At least 19 of the 27 dogs are competing in the highest levels in agility throughout the world. If you have been to the World Championships in the last 5 years you can not have missed the Granting Pleasure Border Collies. Eight of Spritz's siblings have been competing at the World Championships in agility and they have all shown their outstanding talents and ability to win the most prestigious agility competition in the world. In 2005, Amazing Gill Granting Pleasure became the World Champion in Agility. Spritz's father Hank has also been participating in the world championships for several years. Here is a list of some of the results that the Granting Pleasure dogs have accomplished in the world championships (WC) until now. On top of these results they have achieved a lot of great results at national championships and European Open.

Spritz's litters for On Target:
x Ocean (2013)

CERF Normal
BAER Normal
TNS Normal
PRA Clear
MDR1 Normal
DM Normal
OFA Heart Normal
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Shoulders Normal 
OCD Free

*cover photo taken by Contact Point Photography