About Me

My love of all animals, especially dogs, started with my earliest childhood memories! When I was asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I always answered with "A Veterinarian"...well I was sorta close and I became a nurse, but it is my passion for dogs that brought me down this incredible path to where I am today.   As a very young child I had a calico cat named Corky and my first dog was a shepherd husky mix named Flea.  Nope she didn't have fleas!  I begged for her at a flea market where my Mom said, "no I couldn't have a dog", on to my Grandmother who said "no I wasn't allowed to have my own dog", so.....on to my Grandfather and yup he caved!  I got to get the dog so thusly her name was Flea.  I taught her every trick I could think of and then I made up some more and taught her those too.  My mom and I moved when I was 16 and I wasn't allowed to take Corky or Flea with me so they stayed behind with my Grand parents.  l truly was devastated.  I vowed that that would be the first thing I did when I was on my own and stable.  The second I was employed as an RN and had my own place I got my first dog (Dakota, a Siberian Husky), then within six months rescued another one (Sammy a Golden Retriever mix).  They passed away in 2011 at 15 and 17 years old. Sammy lead me to the sport of flyball, and well that lead me to here! 

Since then I've lived with multiple dogs of multiple breeds but have devoted myself to breeding, raising, and training Border Collies and a couple specific sports mixes. I am currently "owned" by several amazing  Border Collies: Flyer, Jedi, Static, Vixen, Temper, Envy, Chex, Trestle, Lust, Reign, Cynic, Edge, Jazz, Vanity, Ocean, Style,  Fiction, Limit, Elation, Vain, Voyage and Legacy. I have a few "non" BCs including four Borderstaffies:  Alias, Witness, Jekyll and Profiler.  I also have a borderwhippet named Gothik, and four pure whippet Sofie, Lacerta, Twisted and Graffiti along with a pure Staffordshire Terrier named Chrome. Waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge is Dash, Fame, Olé, Vibrant, Aero, Grudge and Zoom.  I have 3 cats Sidney, Google and Safari and 4 birds Fruitloop, Figaro, Zazu and Paulie) all of which are rescues/re-homes.  

I'm also a huge supporter of rescue and often foster dogs that are in need of training and behavior modification before they can be placed in their forever home. To date I have rescued and successfully placed many dogs, cats and birds of all breeds/variety. I am a full time registered nurse. I have worked full time and part-time in three veterinary clinics from office manager to surgery technician to reproduction assistant.

I  was also very competitive and played flyball for 20 years, retiring from Hyper Flight Flyball Team in Dallas TX in 2011 and moving to Las Vegas, NV where I was active as a member of the World Record holding flyball team Touch N Go until January 2016!  I made the decision to retire from flyball in March 2016. In that 20 year career, I have earned many titles with multiple dogs, been a part of  five NAFA regional championship teams, NAFA Champion Team 2002, raced in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge four years in the finals 1999-2002 and winning the Purina Championship in 2002, the ESPN Great Outdoor Games finalist two times, the AFLAC Outdoor Games Finalist 2007, & four U-FLI Championship teams including being the 2009 and 2010 U-FLI Division One National Champions and run on a multi World Record flyball team.  I have given flyball training seminars all over the U.S. and Canada.  In addition, I also teach obedience classes, occasionally I do "in home boarding/training" and do photo shoots for my puppy people when requested and many pets around the Las Vegas area.....so I guess you could say my whole life has "gone to the dogs"...but I wouldn't have it any other way!

I am glad you took the time to get to know me a little bit... and I hope to get to know you better too! I welcome guests to my home and encourage you to come and meet the dogs in person! Thanks for visiting my site!