About Aero

Aerodynamic TF-III FMX HIC

Aero is a smooth coated black tri-colored male that weaseled his way into my heart and my life!  He was received from a ranch in Texas and had a very rough start to his life.  He was originally someone else's dog entirely but decided at some point along the way he was mine!  He is from Charles Williams' breeding of Imp. Chip X Roxy.  He has many famous herding dogs in his pedigree.  Aero was neutered for having a OFA rating of fair, so he was never part of the On Target breeding program.  He is, however, a great pet and flyball dog. Aero was retired from flyball at 12 years old.

CERF NORMAL 1998-2002, 2006, 2008, 2010
DNA CEA Normal

ABCA/AKC Registered
Aero is neutered


Photos of Aero